SS "Khmelnytska NPP"

Beginning of construction — 1981

Start up of Unit 1 — 1987

Number of power units — 2

Type of reactor — VVER-1000

Total capacity — 2000 MW

Satellite town — Netishin, Khmelnitsky region

Khmelnitsky Nuclear Power Plant (KhNPP) is located in the central part of the Western Ukraine, on the border of three oblasts, namely: Khmelnitsky, Rivne and Ternopil.

Khmelnitsky NPP has been designed as the four-power unit plant. Construction started in 1981. In late 1987 Unit 1 was put into commercial operation. Construction of unit 2 started in 1983. It was expected to be connected to the grid by the end of 1991. When the moratorium on construction of new nuclear power plants was declared the major process components had been erected and personnel had been already trained.

Construction of Khmelnitsky Unit 2 was resumed in 1993. On August 8, 2004 Unit 2 (with VVER-1000 reactor) was connected to the unified energy system of Ukraine. In September 2005, Khmelnitsky Unit 2 was admitted to commercial operation.

After Unit 2 of KhNPP started up the annual electricity generation exceeds 15 billion kWh.

Today the priority activities of Khmelnitsky NPP, among others, include completion of Khmelnitsky  Unit 3 and Unit 4. Their construction had started in the Soviet times but because of the Moratorium the civil works were suspended. The construction of Khmelnitsky Unit 3 is estimated to be 75% complete and that of Khmelnitsky Unit 4 is 28% complete.

NNEGC “Energoatom” has developed a detailed comprehensive program of preparatory activities related to the inspection of structures and renewal-corrosion prevention works. At present, based on findings of the inspection of structures, buildings and constructions, the repair-and-renewal works are underway. Simultaneously, the feasibility study for construction is being finalized along with preliminary safety analysis and K-3/K-4 environmental impact assessment. For KhNPP staff, another significant stage will be preparation and conduct of the public hearings in which inhabitants of the KhNPP adjacent areas will participate. These public hearings will be dedicated to the issues related to the construction completion of two 1000 MW-rated power units.   

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